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Mètode Franco per aprendre anglès

1939. Churchill truca Franco.

Franco: ¿Digameeé?
Churchill: Generalisimo?
Franco: Para servirle, ¿Quién llama?
Churchill: This is Mr. Winston Churchill
Franco: Perdón?
Churchill: Churchill, it's Churchill.
Franco: Disculpe, se oye muy mal.
Churchill: Churchill! from Downing Street, big cigar, the british prime minister!
Franco: Ah, yes! Churchill, yes, yes, el inglés gordinflón tan simpatico, jejeje!
Churchill: How is it going, sir?
Franco: Gang?? Se oye mal, eh? le oigo de lejos! No se entiende nada!
Churchill: ...Bloody stupid... Right, I call you because I´m afraid you might need some gold...
Franco: Gol? de quién?
Churchill: I think you need gold!
Franco: Claro, claro, goles, yes, para contentar la gente. Goles, Real Madrid, futbol, yes!
Churchill: Oh, godness! No football! Gold! Money! Cash!
Franco: Ah, money! of course, tambien, yes!
Churchill: 1 milion pounds to be neutral. Does it make sense?
Franco: ¿Cómo?
Churchill: A milion pounds for neu-tra-li-ty!
Franco: Ah, bueno, bueno! ya hablaremos, eh? No está nada mal. Y no olvide al Real Madrid tampoco, Adiós!

1945. Franco truca Churchill

Franco: Mr. Churchill?
Churchill: Oh, are you Franco? That´s lovely to get in touch again! How is your life, sir?
Franco: Fine, fine, thanks!
Churchill: Oh, your english is not too bad! I reckon you´ve been studying a lot! Congratulations!
Franco: uhmm, sí, claro, qué remedio...
Churchill: Oh, and thanks so much for the cuban cigars, they are amazing!
Franco: Mr. Churchill, my call is concerning about this milion pounds.
Churchill: Oh, my friend! Absolutely! I remember our deal very well. We are gonna do part of it. The circumstances are a bit different, you know what I mean.
Franco: Yes, but we have a deal, don´t forget it.
Churchill: That's right. We don´t. I'm pleased to tell you that the french people are going to create the European Cup. And Real Madrid will be very important. I've been speaking to them about it, no worries, sir.
Franco: Many thanks, that's lovely! And the cash?
Churchill: I'm gonna give you Mr. Marshall's number. Ask him, ok? He knows something about it and he will be pleased to meet you as well. he's really nice gentl. Bye!
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